Farmington NH Knights Of Pythias Uniform


Farmington NH Knights Of Pythias Uniform


Farmington NH Knights Of Pythias uniform jacket. The first photo is of the full jacket which appears gray in color with a lighter gray stripe running along the button opening in the front and along the bottom of the jacket and collar. Upon closer examination the coat appears to have been blue or blue gray and has lightened to gray.

The second photo is close look at the stripe. The third photo is what appears to be embroidered work on the shoulder which has the capital letters in light gold or cream "U.R.K.P." and a lily flower stitched in a light color with leaves around its base in gold thread.

The last two photos are two metal ( perhaps pewter and brass, respectively)pins fastened to the jacket. The first pin has an armor helmet, resting on a shield, containing the letters "FCB." An eagle resting on the top of the helmet. Two spear axes, one in front, one in back grace the pin as well. The second are the capital letters "NH," the accepted abbreviation for New Hampshire.

The Knights of Pythias is a fraternal organization and secret society. It was founded in Washington, D.C., February 1864. The Knights of Pythias had chapter in Farmington and an entire building, on Central Street, the Pythias Block, had their name.

Size: 33"L, body width 15", body width with sleeves24"

Condition: Shows signs of average wear. The fabric is worn in places and shows signs of habitation my moths. Numerous tiny holes can be found in the fabric.

FHS-Kyle Leach




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