Article Lucy Dodge Death Memorial Farmington News, Page2, 1896-07-31


Article Lucy Dodge Death Memorial Farmington News, Page2, 1896-07-31


Lucy Dodge death and memorial article from the   Farmington News, Page2, July 1896. Lucy Dodge was a well known figure during her life in Farmington and is one of the most notable black historical figures in the local record. 

Note this article cotains biases from the period.

The article reads:

The death of Mrs Lucy Dodge, after
a long period of ill health daring which
she was most carefully attended, re-
moves one of whom can be said "She
hath done what the could."

A forlorn little black child, the was
brought from Virginia in the latter part
of the civil war, by the late Mrs James
B Edgerly who was formerly Miss
MarthaE. Fernald of South Berwick
In the Fernald home Lucy wsa given
a kind and amiable training, in. all
available ways, and up to the time
when her mind grew clouded by disease
she was a loyal and loving servant to
the misstress by whom she was regarded
with affection, arnd to be her family She
became in 1877 a member permanently
of the household mi Mr James B. Ed-
gerly of North Main Street.

Religion was a great deal to Lucy,
and the was made early in her Northern
life a member of a church in South
Berwick She enjoyed contributing
toward the maintenance of worship and
the auxiliaries of local church work,
and it gave her greet pleasure to make
holiday or birthday gifts to her friends
among those with whom she was asso-

She had no acquaintance with people
of color but was devoted to “her family "
Of the household of her happy home
there remain only Mr Edgerly and his
younger daughter to sorrow for the loss
of one so true and faithful , yet there
is content in view of her merciful release
on last Saturday, from imminent suffer-

The funeral took place on Tuesday
afternoon to charge of Mr J P Tib-
betts. Fitting remarks were made by
the Rev S. H Goodwin, and appro-
priate singing waa given by Mr and
Mrs. )D W. Kimball. Mrs. A E. Put-
nam, and Mr E. E. Carlloo Inter-
ment waa made in the Farmington
cemetery, beside the grave of Mrs


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FHS-Kyle Leach


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Farmington News, “Article Lucy Dodge Death Memorial Farmington News, Page2, 1896-07-31,” Farmington Historical Society-Museum of Farmington History, accessed July 5, 2022,

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