Farmington NH 1976 Ceramic Bicentennial Plate


Farmington NH 1976 Ceramic Bicentennial Plate


1976 white glazed ceramic commemorative bicentennial plate. This plate was commissioned as a special promotional item for the local celebration of the United States of America bicentennial. Local Farmington artist Lola Wallace was given the task of creating the plate. Local resident Rebecca Howard hand painted each plate.

A colonial design was chosen. The top rim of the plate bears a simplified version of the Great Seal of the United States in minor relief. An Eagle, with wings spread, shield in front, and finally one claw holding an olive branch on the right and another claw clutching a group of arrows on the right. This motif appears twice more on the front, one on the lower left and on on the lower right. The words "Town of Farmington New Hampshire" is spaced between the three eagles along the outer rim. The center features a trio fife and drum corps, in colonial attire, with an early United States flag, often called the Betsy Ross flag, with stars representing the thirteen, behind them. Behind them a fourth person is also seen, and appears to be waving a hat. The dates " 1776-1976" appear above them and the word "Bicentennial" appears below them. All words and numbers are of a brown color.

The back of the plate has two holes to draw a string or wire through to hang the plate. A gold sticker is applied to the back, which reads in black lettering, " WHITE BARN CERAMICS 38 No. Main Street Farmington, NH 03835 603-755-2159."

Size: Circumference- 9.5" Plate Back Seat- 5.5"

Three plates exist in the museum collection. #56, #214 ,#480

Condition: #56 good, save a broken piece from the upper back plate seat #214 excellent condition #480 excellent condition

FHS-Kyle Leach


Lola Wallace
White Barn Ceramics



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