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Synopsis of George M. Herring's life from birth in Massachusetts to his move to Farmington and his political and commercial endeavors here. Document is handwritten,


School Contract 1826. Notable persons: Jeremiah(?) Waldron, Eliza Harmon(?). Richard Leighton, Sarah (last name unreadable), Hannah Hayes.


Abstract of title from E. T, Willson to Farmington Public Library. The consolidation of three land transfers to Edward T. Willson, who transferred the land to the Farmington Public Library in 1928.


General information, in a personalized note, concerning 1976 time capsule in the old Farmington Fire station. The document lists location of capsule. From the northwest corner on north wall it is two blocks up and two blocks east placed there in…

farmington cemetary records -a-c strafford-county-new-hampshire-cemetery-recordspng.png
Farmington Cemetery Records Late 1800's-Early 1900's- Strafford County Records (78 Cemeteries)

SOURCE: Recorded and transcribed from many sources and includes the transribed cemeteries of Ethel Mazza, "Twink" Osgood, C Parziale, Fred W.…

Farmington Village List 1830.jpg
This is a Farmington Village list of building/businesses, This record was made by Honorable Geo. L Whitehouse Typed on paper by typewriter, This document was probably transcribed from an earlier document. Size 7.5"x 4.25"

FHS -Kyle Leach

Petition Signatories of Northwest Parish Rochester to be Farmington 6-6-1798.jpg
This document is a list of signatories of the petition from residents of the Northwest Parish of Rochester to become the Town of Farmington. The list id dated 6-6-1798. Typed on paper by typewriter, This document was probably transcribed from an…

Various Farmington tax receipts & misc. receipts of Stephen Bennett, dating back as far as 1856. Sizes vary, but are roughly 8"x3".



Award Fo rPatriotism Given To James Perkins from American LawEnforcemnetOfficersAssociation.jpg
1981 award for patriotism given to James Perkins from American Law Enforcement Officers Association. Printed ink on paper. Size: 8.5"x11"

Documented burial sites within Farmington, NH town limits, researched and compiled by Twink Osgood.
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