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Mary Evelyn Kimball Pencil Box Top View.jpg
Mary Evelyn Kimball's wooden, rectangular, pencil box. The box has metal embellishments on the top corners and a metal keyhole in the front of the box.. The box contains a pencil, pen, nib, and two keys.

Mary Evelyn Kimball was born in November…

A Dover & Winnipisseogee Rail Road ticket for the Farmington NH from Boston on June 30th 1874. The pass is for Hiram Barker and is signed by E. W. Wood. The Barker family was a longstanding family name in Farmington. Family heirs had a notable,…

Jeff Durell of Barrington has loaned this item to the Farmington Historical Society for viewing and we now have digital photos of the chair that we will keep in the online museum. It is a small child's rocking chair, purportedly commissioned for…
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