1986 Puddledock Press Article With Photo-Sgt. Walter Brown


1986 Puddledock Press Article With Photo-Sgt. Walter Brown


A 1986 Puddledock Press Article with color photo of Sargent Walter Brown, of the Farmington Police Department. The article reads as follows:

Better known as "Brownie" by most of the
townspeople, Sgt. Brown first joined the
police department back in 196^, as a
part-time police officer. Four years
later he became a full-time officer, and
finally was promoted to his present rank.

having 22 years in this department, we
asked Sgt. Brown to talk about some of
the changes that have taken place. "Law
enforcement itself has changed over the
years," he said, "as well as the depart-
ment. We have grown from a 2 man depart-
ment to the present, which consists of 8
full-tine officers, 11 specials and two

The safety of all our citizens is a main
concern of Sgt. Brown's, especially the
children who walk to and from school each
day. It is for this reason that he would
like to see a new sidewalk installed a-
long School Street, so the kids will no
longer have to walk in the road.

These photos are stored together. They are from different periods of time. Last pulled together for possible use in August 1986.

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