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W L Peavey Ceramic Mug Hadle Showing.jpg
A white glossy glazed ceramic mug with gold W L Peavey detail on the side of the container. The ceramic mug does look to be mass produced, and bares no mark or creative stamp. The letters appear to be hand painted as do the gold bands on the lower…

#485 The White Store Color Souvenir Postcard.jpg
The White Store Farmington, NH color souvenir postcard. The White Store was a well known department store. It carried dry goods, furniture, clothing for men, women, and children, decor, and other ready to carry, ready to wear goods. It faced Main…

The Turn Cocheco River Farmington NH Published by W L Peavey.jpg
Non-divided back, black and white souvenir postcard "The Turn" Cocheco River, Farmington, NH. The river, with short white falls are in the foreground and trees along the river edge along the background, Postcard has footnote at bottom front which…

Roberts Drug Store.jpg
Marketing and advertising from the early 20th Century for the Roberts-Peavey-Osgood drugstore in downtown Farmington. One item is a photo postcard from the Farmington postcard collection. It accounts the opening of the Odd Fellows Hall in 1896, where…

Handwritten, in ink, on paper, Farmington NH school educator contract from the early to mid 1800s. Notable figures mentioned. Eastman, Wentworth, Wingate, Peavey, Dame

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