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Staff Helen Schena and Don MacVane Garnet House Central Street.jpg
From the Puddledock Press article with the photos in June issue 1986:"It's time personal care became personal again-" So states Garnet House Inc.'s President, Donald MacVane- Located at 115 Central Street, Garnet House has been standing behind these…

Directory of Farmington NH Welcome to Puddledock USA.pdf
Directory of Farmington NH Welcome to Puddledock USA. Created by students in the mid 1960's the directory lists town, history businesses, elected officials, emergency and religious information from the period outlined. Size 6.75"x9"


Hatties Place.jpg
Though Hatties's Place is now demolished, this is a promotional campaign from the Puddledock Press which has photos and an article covering history, the restoration of the building which was called the "Hattie White Estate" It also covers the…

2018 PDF version of the announcement of the Goldie Goslin Boston Post Cane & Photo of Goldie Goslin & Her Family at the Presentation.The text of the document reads: Boston Post Cane Presentation Goldie Goslin became the 34th recipient of the…
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