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A collage collection of random, personal family photographs, embedded on a matte. Size; 11.75"x14"


Digital photo of a stone aqueduct, in downtown Farmington, created by the Farmington Aqueduct Company of Farmington, NH. The company was incorporated January 1, 1871 and operated until it was dissolved on June 2nd, 1937.

Farmington NH Nature Souvenir Postcard Stream Scene.jpg
Nature souvenir postcard of a stream scene Farmington, NH. A nature scene with stream, divided back style, colorized. Stream in the background and middle to foreground. The stream has some untended woodland and flowers along it. Postcard has…

Mad River Boulder Postcard Front.jpg
Mad River boulder postcard, divided back, sepia souvenir postcard. Photo of the river boulders is in center of the card surrounded by water, embedded in a decorative bark like frame with a curled shaving to the left the photo, all in sepia brown. The…

Farmington, Strafford Co. (D.H. Hurd & Co.), 1892.jpg
This 1892 lithographed map of Farmington, Strafford County by D.H. Hurd & Co shows settlements, roads, railroad, landowners, etc. Published in town and city atlas of the State of New Hampshire. Compiled from government surveys, county records, and…

StraffordCo_1856_wall map web.jpg
A color map of Strafford County, New Hampshire, 1856. Notable features are: 26 views, 11 village plans, chart of distances, 3 directories, table of distances.

This item is a digital file and it does not exist in the physical museum…

1936 Flood EJ Kelley and Company Shop.jpg
Mixed collection March 1936 flood photos. Mainly downtown. Photos contain buildings, shops, cars, wide street shots, and a few shots with people.


Old Cocheco Bridge Postcard.jpg
Old Cocheco Bridge postcard, divided back, black and white souvenir postcard. Photo of the bridge is in center of the card surrounded by trees, with water in the foreground, embedded in a decorative birch bark frame with simulated corner photo tabs.…

Matted photograph showing a ladies lakeside outing. Among the group are; Hattie Thayer Lefavour, Edna Hume Jewell, Maude McLean-Altire Corson, and Violet Jones. Size 10"x12"


The Turn Cocheco River Farmington NH Published by W J Evans.jpg
Divided back style, colorized souvenir postcard of The Turn, Cocheco River, Farmington, NH. The river, with short white falls are in the foreground and trees along the river edge along the background, Postcard has footnote at bottom front which says…
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