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Chief Barry J Carr.jpg
A Farmington NH Police Department card set with photos, name, job title, bio, and other information about each member of the local law enforcement entity in 1996. The cards also have safety tips. They are double sided, with a photo, name , and title…

Rattlesnake Skin Table Runner.jpg
A Rattlesnake skin table runner. The species of snake is unknown. The reptile has been mounted on two scalloped felt runners that are only slightly larger than each other, and the smallest only slightly bigger than the snakeskin. Photos show a long…

#526 Color Souvenir Postcard Looking Down Main Street Farmington NH .jpg
Two colorized souvenir postcards looking down Main Street, Farmington NH, focusing on the area of the juncture of Central and Main. Each is from the same vantage point, but differences between the two are quite noticeable. Each is post…

Farmington Opera House Color Souvenir Postcard .jpg
A Farmington NH Opera House colorized souvenir postcard. The view is of the front and left and side of the building looking down Main Street at an angle. The three story building with an internal mezzanine or balcony was brick with wooden trim. It…

1911Niddy Noddy Bennett Triple Sprin Farm Donated Margaret Jenness Hapsis.jpg
1911 photograph of the short lived celebrity, Niddy Noddy, a pig born in April of 1911, with several genetic anomalies, on the Bennett family Triple Spring Farm. Niddy Noddy was immortalized on a postcard, made after an accident killed Niddy Noddy.…

Photograph Postcard Boston & Maine Railroad Station Farmington, NH Circa 1900.jpg
This is a color photograph of a W W Roberts- Boston & Maine Railroad Station postcard, Farmington, NH, circa 1900. The station in the photograph was then where Route 11 is now beside High Street at the end of Tappan Street.

Size: 5" x…

Henry Wilson Memorial Boulder with Canine.jpg
The Henry Wilson Memorial Boulder photographed during the day with an unknown canine in front of the boulder. This matted photograph has an embossed decorative interior border.

Size: 4' x5'


Rochester Radar April 2017SingerSongwriterRickyReillyFront.jpg
Rochester Radar April 2017 featuring Farmington resident, singer/songwriter Ricky Reilly, with interview and photos. Ricky Reilly, a 30-year-old graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, worked at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. He wrote the song…

A collage collection of random, personal family photographs, embedded on a matte. Size; 11.75"x14"


Transportation In And About Farmington 7.6.2017.pdf
Transportation In And About Farmington. A booklet created for the Department of Transportation, July 2017, by Lisa Mausolf. This document was created as a historical record when the historic South Main Street was removed and replaced. There is a hard…
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