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Star Diner Demolished in Car Crash Farmington News, Page1, 1969-05-29.pdf
A Farmington News article, page 1, from the May 29th 1969 issue covering the car crash which demolished the Star Diner on South Main Street. Kiki and Nick Morris were the owners of the diner and the driver that caused the crash was Michael J.…

George H Goodwin Library Cornerstone 1928Page 2 of The Farmington News, published in Farmington, New Hampshire on Friday, July 27th, 1928.jpeg
An article covering the public announcement that the cornerstone at the George H. Goodwin Library was to be put in August 3, 1928. the Trustee were to be there and the general public was asked to come out in force to honor the gift of the…

1940 Account 1875 Fire Church Farmington News, Page4, 1940-11-22.pdf
A 1940 remembrance of the 1875 fire at the First Congregational Church, as recorded in a communication to the editor and public of the Farmington News. The communication is written by Ned Parker and is on page 4, of the November 22nd 1940…

Hatties Place.jpg
Though Hatties's Place is now demolished, this is a promotional campaign from the Puddledock Press which has photos and an article covering history, the restoration of the building which was called the "Hattie White Estate" It also covers the…

Varney's Market Outside.jpg
A September 1986 Puddledock Press Spotlight of  Varney's Market.The article reads:Varney's MarketThere is a country store in town that his been here since approximately 1900. Eighty-six years ago; Ma,. Pa, Junior and Sally could have walked into this…

Flying Nuns in the Bed Race.jpg
A 1986 Hay Day highlight article from the September Puddledock Press.The article reads:BEST HAY DAY EVER The fifth annual Hay Day celebration drew a record crowd of four to five thousand. The festivities were plentiful along with the food. Betty Mros…

Leavitts Show Factory Circa 1910.jpg
Color postcard of the George B. Leavitt Shoe Factory, as it appeared circa 1910, as viewed from Main Street.


Roberts Drug Store.jpg
Marketing and advertising from the early 20th Century for the Roberts-Peavey-Osgood drugstore in downtown Farmington. One item is a photo postcard from the Farmington postcard collection. It accounts the opening of the Odd Fellows Hall in 1896, where…

Farmington NH Sanborn -Perris Map Co Limited Color Map 1892_01.jpg
1892 color map of Farmington NH focusing on the crossing of Grove Street and Main Street. Shows settlement, houses, buildings, roads, , landowners and more.

This item is a digital file and it does not exist in the physical museum…

Farmington NH Sanborn -Perris Map Co Limited Color Map 1892_02 Town Hall Opera House Lincoln.jpg
1892 Farmington NH color map 1892. Shows Town Hall/ Opera House through Lincoln Street.

This item is a digital file and it does not exist in the physical museum collection.

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