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An 1876 manual from the First Congregational Church of Farmington NH, which contains information about the church from that year, as well as historical information, from previous eras in the local church.

This is a digital file and does not exist…

1810 List of Residents of Farmington.pdf
A typed list, on onion paper, of residents of Farmington in 1810. There are written notations and additions to the list. This document was typed at a later time, probably because the original was degrading beyond recognition. Size 8.5x11


Farmington Village List 1830.jpg
This is a Farmington Village list of building/businesses, This record was made by Honorable Geo. L Whitehouse Typed on paper by typewriter, This document was probably transcribed from an earlier document. Size 7.5"x 4.25"

FHS -Kyle Leach

A December 15th and 16th 1847, handwritten, ink document by a Farmington NH shopkeeper detailing a bulk purchase of goods. Many Boston, MA distributors are present in the list. It lists goods, sizes, quantities, and prices for items on the list, as…

1875 Farmington High School Rank Bill.jpg
1875 ranking of students in the four classes at Farmington High School after seven written exams of the school year. Lists include first and last names, grade rank, and notations for low rankings from ill health.

Size: 7' x 10"

1818 Graduation Exercises Farmington High School Thursday July 1 1880 Congregational Church.jpg
A bi-fold booklet of the 1880 Graduation Exercises of the Farmington High School. The event was set for eight o' clock, Thursday July 1, 1880 at the Congregational Church in Farmington, NH. Music was planned, as well as eleven speakers, including the…

History Congregational Church 1870s Farmington News, Page4, 1898-08-12.pdf
An historical account of the Congregational Church mid to late 1800s from the Farmington News, Page4, August 12th, 1898.

This is a digital file and does not exist in the physical museum collection.

FHS-Kyle Leach

1892 Account 1875 Fire Farmington News, Page3, 1892-02-12.pdf
An 1892 account of the great 1875 fire on Central Street in Farmington, as presented in the Farmington News, Page3, February 12, 1892. The fire was swift and burned down many notable building including the Elm House hotel, the Thurston factory, Nat…

Farmington PO Farmington NH D H Hurd and Co Boston 1892.jpg
This 1892 Farmington, New Hampshire PO Map details the downtown and surrounding area of Farmington. Lithographed map. shows buildings shaded as public/business blocks or residences, railroads, landowners, etc. Published in town and city atlas of the…

1894 Farmington High School Commencement Exercise Bifold Program.pdf
A 1894 Farmington High School commencement exercise program. The program is quite ornate, printed in multiple fonts, on heavy card paper, with embossed embellishments, and with burn cut scalloped edges. The commencement exercises happened on June…
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