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Birds Eye View Central & Main Souvenir Postcard .jpg
Black and white, Farmington, NH postcard showing a birds eye view of Central Street and Main Street in downtown Farmington, facing north, up the Main Street hill, during the day. The Richards Block and Odd Fellows Block buildings can be seen in the…

Farmington NH Souvenir Postcard Looking Up Central Street.jpg
Central Street souvenir postcard. The front photo is taken facing up Central street away from Main Street, specifically focusing on the buildings close to the intersection of Central and Main. Most of the buildings appear to be in their original…

Account Central Street Fire 1875 Farmington News, Page4, 1898-05-20.pdf
A 1898 account of the Central Street Fire in 1875 from the Farmington News, Page 4, May 20th 1898. The fire was swift and burned down many notable buildings including the Elm House hotel, the Thurston factory, Nat Roberts house, the J. F. Clesley…

1892 Account 1875 Fire Farmington News, Page3, 1892-02-12.pdf
An 1892 account of the great 1875 fire on Central Street in Farmington, as presented in the Farmington News, Page3, February 12, 1892. The fire was swift and burned down many notable building including the Elm House hotel, the Thurston factory, Nat…

A copy of an article from an unknown source dated April 4, 1963, conveying that the Public Service Plant on Central Street was demolished.

Size: 6" x 9"

FHS-Kyle Leach

MGM-Strand-Theatre Studio Card Circa 1940s-photo.jpg
MGM Farmington NH Strand Theatre Studio Cards circa 1941 & 1950. The theater was located in what was known as the Pythias Block or Pythias Hall on Central Street. The building was a filled with much activity and housed many important Farmington…
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