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Souvenir R C White Postcard Old Home Day Citizens In Car Front Old High School.jpg
Souvenir R C White postcard divided back style, sepia, showing Old Home Day- ladies finely dressed with a driver, in a car parked in Front of the old High School in Farmington, NH. In middle ground another car can be seen to the left and a horse…

The Great Sled Farmington News, Page1, 1899-12-08.pdf
A Farmington News article about "The Great Sled." This is Page 1, December 6, 1899.

FHS-Kyle Leach

Farmington NH Nature Souvenir Postcard with Car.jpg
Souvenir postcard Farmington, NH. A nature scene with car, divided back style, colorized. Untended woodland in the background, a river in the middle to foreground, and finally a tended road with flowers, in Farmington, NH . The road has some trees…

Goodwin Library Hand Colored Souvenir Postcard.jpg
A hand colored souvenir postcard Farmington, NH with face featuring The Goodwin Library looking at the building's front, side profile from North Main Street. This two story Neo Classical, brick building is as it was originally built and does not…

Souvenir Postcard Ernest Dore And Auto Rochester Fair.jpg
Souvenir postcard of Ernest Dore finely dressed posing with " the auto" at the 1912 Rochester Fair.  Another vehicle can be seen behind Dore and "the auto." Two buildings can be seen-one in the background and one beside Dore and "the auto."…
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