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Farmington Escapes Being Wiped Out By Greatest Fire In Local History Farmington News, Page2, 1947-10-31.pdf
Farmington News articles from October-December of 1947 discussing and detailing the Great Fire of 1947. Some of the later articles detail the human toll and monetary costs of the fire. Full news page size.

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1908 Farmington News Forest Fire Article Part1.png
November 14, 1947 Farmington News article about a major, July 10, 1908 forest fire.

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Page 2 of Farmington News,published in Farmington, New Hampshire on Friday, February 22nd, 1918.jpeg
A 1918 Farmington News article exclusives discussing a vast fire at the Cloutman Shoe Company, putting 228 people out of work. It was billed as the biggest industrial fire Farmington had experienced. A second article in the same edition announces…
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